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Let’s Learn Mandolin Together

I’m thrilled to announce the offering of the first Mandolin Camp with 10+ hours of video content and tens of tabs and scores starting beginning of 2017, with Mandolin Camp 1: Beginners

Over the last 3 years of performing with my mandolin and octave mandolin professionally, I’ve constantly been asked, “how can I play like you?”, “how do you get this sound in tremolo?”, “how do you come up with so nice sound?”, and countless others.

And now, at long last, I’m ready to start answering those questions. I’m ready to teach everything I know about mandolin. It’s going to be the most comprehensive course on mandolin that I could possibly make. You don’t want to miss this.

Got questions? Reach out to @MandolinCampOfficial or help@mandolincamp.com

Stay awesome,

Christos Rizos

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